For USA/Canada/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Europe Monthly Quran Learning Hadiyah In US Dollars (40$ to 100$) not fixed but negotiable
Class Duration: 30 minutes

(One on One Class)
Monthly Hadiyah (Negotiable)
Group Study
(02 to 05 students)
02 Classes8 Classes$(Negotiable)$(Negotiable)
03 Classes12 Classes$(Negotiable)$(Negotiable)
04 Classes16 Classes$(Negotiable)$(Negotiable)
05 Classes20 Classes$(Negotiable)$(Negotiable)

Subjects Tuition from kindergarten UpTo O Level, A Level and university level

Note: Tuition Fees (US Dollars) is not final but negotiable

FEE AND CLASSES PER MonthKinder garden to 3rd grade 4th grade to 8th grade9th grade to 12th grade O, A, IGCSE level
8 Classes80160200$
12 Classes120240
16 Classes160320
20 Classes200$400$500$Negotiable

Al Riesalah Skills courses only in Pakistan, Fee in Pak Rupees only

Admission Fee: 3,000 Rs

Classes per weekClasses per monthFee Pakistani Rupees (one student)Fee Pakistani Rupees (02 to 05 students) 
02 Classes08 Classes4,000 Rs2,500 Rs
03 Classes12 Classes6,000 Rs3,500 Rs
04 Classes16 Classes8,000 Rs5,000 RS
05 Classes20 Classes10,000 Rs6,500 Rs